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Hello there person. My name is Chris Sonnenberg.

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Welcome! Before you begin you must know these small tidbits.
Life is cool!
I work at a Library and it's basically the best thing ever. I also make tacos on the side, tis a wonderful life I lead.
I'm 23 years closer to my death.
I am happily taken by a beautiful girl who I absolutely love.
I'm the best guy you'll ever meet. (self five yeah!)
Kindest too.
I also draw.
But I still try.
Let's hope I can bring a smile to your face today.
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See you on the ice rebel scum

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Oh look at that… I’ve been impaled.

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For Atlantis, Disney needed a new language for the Atlantean people. To do this, Disney hired Mark Okrand, the man who also created the famous Klingon and Vulcan for the Star Trek series. In the Atlantean language, Mark Okrand’s main source for it’s roots and stems of its words are Proto-Indo-European,but as Okrand also described it as being the “tower of babel” or “root dialect” for all languages in the world, he also used ancient Chinese, Latin, Greek, Biblical Hebrew, along with many other ancient languages or their reconstructions. As such, you can actually learn to write and speak the language!

This film is so underrated it hurts.

ah this explains how they understood french and english so well almost instantly… better than the magical wind in Pocahontas that’s for sure

Man, don’t you just wish Atlantis took off as a sci-fi franchise for Disney just so all that world building they did between this and Subterranean Tours could have found more use?

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